Winks From Heaven

This morning I woke up and the sound of silence was deafening. I found myself missing Lauren, Kathleen and Anna so much. I was able to talk to Anna, which was very nice, in lieu of her having an injured foot. I told Vicki and Sam that I was sad so I decided to go on a hike to feel God’s presence through nature.

Kathleen would never leave a turtle in the middle of the road. She would always put it on one side where it was safe, or bring it home to our yard. We have continued this and we are always reminded of her when we help them.

At the exact moment that I was driving to a trail, I came upon TWO turtles. This has never happened. I don’t believe in coincidences. They are now safe on the other side of the fence. Thank you girls – it made my day brighter.21768847_10212548756505162_8863320855034513711_o